Mobile Web Designs with the latest and Most Advanced technology

When was the last time you looked at your website from your smart phone?  You might be surprised to learn that the layout, the graphics and the design are not showing up correctly because desktop websites were not created to be seen on a mobile device.  Websites that have not been designed with a smart phone in mind, are usually not compatible with a mobile device and will in all likelihood appear smaller than you anticipated, contain much larger images and be hard to read.

Make Your Website Accessible Via Your Smart Phone

What you may ask is the difference between having  a desktop website and a mobile website?   The answer is simple. When a visitor tries to access  your website on their smart phone, it has to be user-friendly with the mobile  device or it’s going to look distorted.  If the design is not optimized and laid out correctly, the viewer may see the wrong content or worse they may view what appears to be a disorganized arrangement of words and design, which of course can’t be good for business.

An Optimized Mobile Web Design

With the number of smart phones in existence and growing daily, millions of people could potentially gain access to your website with their mobile device, but what will they see?  If you don’t have a website that is compatible  with a mobile device, you could be losing a great deal of business.

The advantages of a mobile web design are many and  include the following:

  • Generate new business
  • Easier navigation
  • Improve the user experience
  • Interactive and easy to access
  • Improves SEO performance  -  Mobile websites are indexed seperately from desktop websites on Google.
  • Rankings rise on mobile-friendly search engines
  • Increase business visibility

If  your mobile website is optimized, it means that it’s been designed to fit precisely on the smaller mobile device screen.  That way, everything is displayed correctly and in turn, navigating is easy and efficient.

Mobile Web Designs Are Growing in Leaps and Bounds

Each year, over one million cell phones are replaced and traded in for a smart phone, which means millions upon millions of people are using their smart phones to access websites.  In fact, more people are now using their smart phones versus their desktops to access the web, so a mobile web design gives you greater reach, more flexibility, and the opportunity to make contact with those looking for your services and products.  Remember, if a visitor accesses your website from their mobile device and it’s not compatible, the odds are you will lose that potential customer.

Mobile designs are the fastest growing strategy on  the web.  Shouldn’t your website be one of those websites that are compatible with your smart phone? If you’re ready to join the mobile revolution, at TapForMyApp we are ready to help you make it happen, quickly, simply and cost effectively.  We work hard and diligently to keep up with the latest technology, so we are constantly monitoring our software to be sure  it works well with the latest and most up-to-date platforms. The best part of all is that  your customers will see your website exactly as you intended.